Nuvo Setup & General Documentation

Once you've purchased, downloaded and installed the Nuvo Joomla! template, you can use this article for general setup documentation reference. Nuvo is an extremely flexible Joomla! template, but with flexibility comes options and requires a moderate level of experience with the Joomla! CMS.

Header/Logo Options

Nuvo's header is designed to save you time. In your template preferences (Extensions > Template Manager > Nuvo) you'll see three options for the header:

Graphic (Inline with Nav)
Displays your logo inline with the navigation bar.
This option is best for small to medium sized sites with approximately 6 top-level menu items.

Graphic (Above Nav)
Displays your logo above the navigation bar
This option gives you extra room for more top-level menu items.

Text (Above Nav)
Displays your Site Title and a Tagline/Slogan as styled text above the navigation bar.
This option is ideal if you don't have access or experience to a graphics editing program.

If you choose one of the graphic methods, you will need to save your logo image as logo.png and upload image to the active style directory. For example, if your default style is "style1", then you will need to upload your image to templates/nuvo/images/style1/logo.png. Be sure to take note of your image width and height as you will need to enter in the dimensions (in pixels) into the templete manager as well.

Menu Setup

In some instances, your main menu may not automatically display properly by default. The main menu is a module in your Module Manager. To put the menu in its correct position, go to Extensions -> Module Manager -> Main Menu. Make sure the following settings apply:

Enabled: Yes
Position: set to "menu"
Menu Style: List
Always show sub-menu Items: Yes
!-Menu Class and Module Class Suffix should be left blank-!

To use sublevel menus Expand Menu, Activate Parent, and Full Active Highlighting should all be set to true as well. For more info on sublevel (dropdown) menus, follow the general menu setup information.

Module Layout & Configuration

A very common support request with all 3-column templates is "How can I change the widths of the sidebar?". With Nuvo, it's easy. In the template paramters, you'll see a few extra settings for the Left Column Width, Right Column Width, and Layout Style. The Layout Style setting allows you to set the "stacking order" for 3-column views.

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